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Christmas is right around the corner


Christmas is right around the corner, and as many of you, I’m excited ! Everyone knows Christmas for that old fat bearded man dressed in red and carrying gifts on his reindeer carried sleigh.That’s the western point of view of Christmas. But did you know that around the world, kids (and grown-ups too) have plenty of traditions and customs? Here’s a top 5 off the weirdest and most uncommon Christmas traditions you will come across if you travel in these places.

Great Britain

This one is my favorite; children hang stockings on their fire-place on Christmas Eve and the next morning, it’s filled with sweets and presents! How awesome is that? Naughty children receive lumps of coal though…


Are you superstitious? Guatemalans are. Every year before Christmas, they make sure to sweep their whole houses. Each neighborhood creates a massive pile of dirt before burning it. It supposedly take off any kind of bad spirits.

South Africa

This one might be really odd and, in my opinion, amusing yet gross; on Christmas Day, locals switch the usual Turkey and cake with deep-fried caterpillars and worms. Yes, bugs. But don’t you worry, only traditional feasts include these delicate gourmet dishes.



Am I still talking about food? Yes ! In Japan, you could probably skip the boring and traditional family diner by simply heading to KFC. You heard me right, many Japanese families rather eat at the fast food chain than stay home and cook. I mean, who got time for that ?


Finally, who said that Christmas is necessarily represented by Santa Claus ? Obviously not the Italians folks, since their version of the old man is a witch, a friendly one. Which (what a pun) delivers sweets and presents in the early days of January.

Lou-Ann G., terminale L, lycée Amiral Bouvet

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