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“C’est de la m***e!”


Cet article a été rédigé le 5 avril 2016 par Gabriel Grondin, Paulin Zhu et Julien Talerien du collège Marthe Robin.

In tribute to Jean-Pierre Coffe, a French cook who fought against junk food, we decided to present two short articles about junk food and animal abuse.

Junk food means over consumption of fat and sweet food in hamburgers, chips, sodas and frozen products. Fast Food restaurants are one of the most important cause of the Junk food. The Modern Man must save as much time as possible so he eats in fast foods during breaks, even though this food is often too fat, too sweet or too salty. This phenomenon as well as overconsumption deteriorates health.

Moreover it is necessary to realize that nowadaysJunk food cause more deaths than famine in the world. Against that we can limit our consumption of junk food. We can also favor physical activity. Today a lot of people fight against Junk food. For more information about it you can watch the movie « Super Size Me » directed by Morgan Spurlock which also deals with animal abuse.

Jean-Pierre Coffe

Jean-Pierre Coffe

Fortunately L214, a website involved in the protection of animals posted a video which takes place in the slaughterhouse of Ales in the Gard to discourage us from eating some meat. In this video comments on the images by a very committed woman drew our attention:  » it is necessary to close this slaughterhouse, it is cruel!”

We can also see how ill-treated horses, sheep, pigs and bulls are. Horses are hung by a leg before being opened by a knife whereas pigs are CO2-gased. The voice-over explains then how intelligent pigs are. As for sheep they are beheaded without precautions prerequisite.

Super Size Me documentary

Super Size Me documentary

You can easily imagine how hard the images in that video look! Sensible people should not watch it.
Is the shout of the stomach stronger than the cries from the heart? Are you joining Jean-Pierre Coffe’s crusade against “malbouffe”?

(Warning: the following images and / or content may be disturbing to some viewers.)
Watch and take a stand!